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Every child is unique and so is their art of drawing. Children go through different stages at different ages...
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Our school runs over 250 different full and part-time drawing courses every year for adults and children of all age groups...
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For Children’s development

Children love to draw because it gives them freedom to express themselves and their work is a reflection of their inner world...

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For Children’s development

Children love to draw because it gives them freedom to express themselves and their work is a reflection of their inner world. Drawing is as important as the development of verbal and written skills. Drawing remains a central and pivotal activity that helps in creative exploration. It also enables the visualization and development of perceptions and ideas. Drawing is a natural activity for free play in children. It allows children to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life but also helps them in their learning process.


Significance of Drawing in a Child’s Life

  • Drawing helps to develop their fine motor skills (using hands and fingers for various tasks). You can introduce your kids to different drawing tools like crayons, pencil so that they to improve drawing skills. They can learn to push, pull and rotate using drawing tools. They will get to practice how to properly hold a pencil and/or crayons, and how to color in small closed areas.


  • It helps to develop their imagination and enhances their creativity and makes them pay attention to details.Imagination is such an important part of a child’s growth as through imagination they learn to picture different things in their minds and reflect those images on paper.


  • Drawing is an important form of communication for children. It allows them to express themselves, especially when they can’t express their feeling through word and actions.Drawing allows them to use different colors and shapes to describe how they are feeling. Through drawing, they are also increasing their emotional intelligence.Drawing also encourages children to compare shapes, sizes, proportions, textures and colors.


  • When children learn drawing, they begin to study the world around them in a much closer way. This helps them to embrace creativity and confidence. A good way to boost their confidence is by always showing happiness or by asking questions about what they drew so that they feel good about their work. This makes them more confident about themselves and encourages them to perform better. Drawing helps them to develop their manipulative skills which can eventually assist them in writing.


  • Drawing also develops your child’s problem solving skills (SkillShare offers the best logo design online classes). While drawing, a child is faced with multiple decisions- like a child has to make a decision on ‘what colour should I use for this part?’ ’ or ‘How do I draw a dinosaur and connect one part of its body to another?’ All these questions are helping them in solving problems in their mind. Another way is by asking them why they draw the way they did or why they used certain colours and see what solutions they came to.